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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three polishing processes -1

Issuing time:2020-12-10 16:40Author:Allen Ai

1. Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing is currently widely used in various manufacturing industries. It is carried out on a dedicated polishing machine. It is mainly composed of a motor and a polishing disc. According to the material of the product to be polished, polishing consumables of different materials are placed on the polishing disc. Rough polishing and fine polishing consumables are selected different. When polishing, the grinding surface of the sample should be evenly and flatly pressed on the rotating polishing disc. The pressure should not be too large, and it should continuously reciprocate radially from the edge to the center of the disk. Through the relative grinding and rolling action between the extremely fine polishing powder (liquid) and the grinding surface, the wear marks are eliminated and a bright mirror surface is obtained.

The advantage is low cost and simple operation. The disadvantage is low efficiency, easy to cause uneven polishing surface, difficult to control polishing time, suitable for small area surface treatment.


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