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Premium Casting Tolerances  


Tolerances of .003 - .005" can reduce or eliminate costly secondary machining and can often result in a new

      cast part with little or no waste of material

Deeper and more complicated holes and slots can be casted by using

soluble wax and ceramic cores.

Avoid the quick changes of casting structure,use fillet radius on internal angle when possible, which is no less

than R 0.3

The surface finish for the castings we can provide with are as the follows: Blacking, Zinc plating, Chrome Plating, and Nickel Plating for the carbon steel and the low alloy steel castings; Tumbling, handcraft dull polishing, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing and Passivation treatment for the stainless steel castings and sandblasting, including glass bead blasting, corundum-sand blasting and quartz-sand blasting for all the steel castings.

Investment Casting also to be called Precision Casting, lost wax casting, the material   including Stainless Steel, various alloy steel, carbonsteel, etc.

As a professional Precision Casting Manufacturer, we also have strong Machining strength, with all kinds of Japanese imported and domestic processing equipment, to ensure that the product machining requirements are qualified.

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