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Daily work of Foundry engineer

Issuing time:2020-09-19 16:58

As we said before, casting is a very complicated process. Investment casting is even worse.

Why do you say that? Because investment casting adds wax molds and coating parts, these parts have a great impact on the quality of the casting (including dimensional accuracy and intrinsic metallurgical quality), so every process is not careless. If we relax a little bit, we may lose our previous work.

So, how can we do a good job in the daily quality management of a casting engineer? I think, as a casting worker, we must do the following:

1. It is necessary to keep abreast of frequently repeated problem products in daily production. In fact, products that often have problems in daily production may only account for 20% of the total number of products, but its impact on the overall situation accounts for 80%. This is the 20/80 law we often hear.

According to this law, we must keep an eye on 20% of 80%.

2. The entire production process of the problematic product must be traced as far as possible, and the production records must be kept faithfully. Especially where it is inconsistent with normal production. We know that the instability of quality comes from variation, which is inconsistent with normal production.

3. The casting engineer must have a quick response mechanism and responsibility. In other words, the power and courage of the "automatic stop" mechanism of the production line designed by the Japanese. We must dare to take responsibility, face challenges, and have the ability to stop. If there is a problem, stop production immediately, avoid ambiguity and ambiguity, and avoid batch scrapping.

As a casting engineer, you should also have a minimum of casting theoretical knowledge and practical experience, have clear thinking and judgment ability, have keen and profound insight, and be able to see the root of the problem through complex appearances. Of course, it takes time, accumulation, and dedication to get it. However, as long as you work hard, you will definitely gain.

Investment Casting also to be called Precision Casting, lost wax casting, the material   including Stainless Steel, various alloy steel, carbonsteel, etc.

As a professional Precision Casting Manufacturer, we also have strong Machining strength, with all kinds of Japanese imported and domestic processing equipment, to ensure that the product machining requirements are qualified.


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